comprehensive Plans

Canadian Travel Insurance

Comprehensive Travel Insurance combines medical, cancellation, interruption, baggage and Accidental Death insurance in one packaged plan

  • -Emergency Medical Insurance
  • -Trip Cancellation Insurance
  • -Trip Interruption Insurance
  • -Baggage Insurance
  • -Accidental Death and Dismemberment ( 'AD&D' )

Canadians are well aware of the risks associated with medical emergencies while traveling. Emergency medical travel insurance can be purchased alone or in a comprehensive travel insurance packaged policy. These comprehensive travel insurance plans combine emergency medical, trip cancellation, trip interruption, accidental death, and baggage in one single policy.


Comprehensive travel insurance policies provide many benefits;

  • Excellent Value - in most cases it is cheaper to purchase the comprehensive travel insurance package than purchasing each plan separately. You can save up to 60% of the cost of individual plans.
  • No Medical Questionnaires - Most companies do not require Seniors to answer medical questionnaires when purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance package. Normal pre-existing condition exclusions apply so please read the policy carefully before purchasing.
  • Simplicity - When purchasing a comprehensive travel insurance package your credit card will only be charged once, you will only need to deal with once insurance company if you need to file a claim, and you will only have one policy number to carry while you are traveling.


Most Canadian travel insurance companies offer comprehensive travel insurance packages to Canadian travelers. Only a few offer these comprehensive travel insurance packages to visitors to Canada. Travel Insurance Plan will assist you in getting the best comprehensive plan for your travels.