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WHEN A CANCER patient wants to travel then the first thing that comes in anybodies mind is that he or she should be getting some allownce in travelling and not should be charged very much but keep sure that unfortunately this is not the practice in the world. cancer patient doesnot know he has how many days or weeks or months to live

We compare single trip cancer travel insurance and annual cancer travel insurance to people who are travelling with cancer, or who have recently recovered from cancer, including breast cancer, lung cancer, leukaemia or any other type of cancer. We can also cover your travelling companions on the same travel insurance policy.


For travel insurance, this is normally calculated using the following factors:

  • the age of the policy holder(s)
  • the holiday destination
  • the length of the trip
  • any planned activities (for example, winter sports)
  • any pre-existing medical conditions.


An insurance company may ask you the following questions:

  • How long ago were you diagnosed with cancer?
  • Where is/was your cancer?
  • Has your cancer spread? If yes, where?
  • Are you undergoing any treatment or taking any medication at the moment?
  • Have you had any surgery for cancer in the past?
  • Have you any planned treatment or surgery for cancer? If so, when?
  • How many times have you seen a doctor (GP or consultant) about your cancer? Some companies ask you about the last time you visited your doctor for any reason, not just about visits related to your cancer. For example, if you’re going for check-ups to make sure you stay well, some companies may consider you a higher risk to insure.
  • What symptoms or side effects do you have now?
  • How advanced is your cancer? Some companies will ask you about your prognosis. This can be an upsetting question to answer, but prognosis may be one of the criteria that a company uses to decide who to cover.

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