Emergency Medical Insurance Visitors to Canada

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Hospital confinement and treatment

Emergency hospital confinement (limited to semi-private accommodation) and/or emergency medical treatment by a physician for the actual, usual and customary charges for reasonable and necessary hospital and medical expenses. This expense includes one follow-up visit (not including ongoing treatment), when the medical process in dealing with the emergency requires such follow-up visit. The follow-up visit must take place within 14 days of the initial emergency. In the case of hospital confinement, any coverage related to the hospital confinement terminates upon release from hospital, other than one follow-up visit within 14 days of the hospital discharge.



The services of a physician.

Ambulance services

The services of a licensed ambulance and paramedics from the scene of the accident or place of onset of the sickness to the nearest hospital. If an ambulance is medically required but is unavailable, the company will reimburse you for taxi expenses, taxi receipt required.

X-ray examinations

X-ray examinations and diagnostic laboratory procedures when performed at time of initial emergency.

Medicines and/or drugs

Up to a maximum of a 30-day supply for medicines and/or drugs (excluding vitamins, minerals, dietary supplements and over the counter medicines) that require a physician’s written prescription following a consultation (original pharmacy prescription receipts are required). While you are confined to hospital, the company will reimburse the total cost of such medicines and/or drugs.

Rental of essential medical appliances

Rental of essential medical appliances including, but not limited to, wheelchairs, crutches and canes, but in no event will the rental amount payable exceed the total purchase price.

Private duty nursing

Private duty nursing services, performed by a registered nurse(R.N.) other than a family member, when ordered in writing by the attending physician expressly in lieu of hospitalization.