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Visitor to Canada travel medical insurance is designed to protect tourists, foreign workers, international students, and new immigrants from emergency medical cost that may occur while visiting Canada. Visitor to Canada travel medical insurance will cover medical expenses from an accident or sudden illness while you are in Canada. This travel medical insurance guide will provide you with the necessary information to ensure that you purchase the proper travel health insurance as a visitor to Canada.

With the strong economy, welcoming culture, great natural beauty and high quality of life, Canada is a popular destination for foreign visitors. Canada in not only a popular vacation destination it has the strongest economy in the G8. The strong Canadian economy means that Canada is a hot spot for business travelers, foreign workers, new immigrants, and international students.

Also, Canada has an aging population which means that the health care system is overburdened. Canada's health expenses rival the United States as the most expensive in the world.


The Foreign Worker Visitors to Canada plan provides up to $100,000 in quality insurance coverage for non-Canadians working in Canada.
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Emergency Medical
Visitors to Canada Insurance provides payment for reasonable and customary costs incurred for treatment of emergent and unforeseen sickness or injury while in Canada.
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The best way to ensure your medical claims are processed swiftly when you immigrate to Canada is to purchase medical insurance from a Canadian insurance company.
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Trip Cancellation
Expatriate Insurance assists Canadians abroad with access to the finest medical services worldwide. Specializing in both group and individual health and travel solutions.
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For both Canadian Students outside Canada and International Students studying in Canada we urge you to read the policy booklets closely to understand the extent and limitations of your coverage.
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