seniors Travel Insurance for Snowbirds

Get instant travel medical insurance quotes for snowbirds and Canadian seniors from competing insurers to get quality coverage over the age of 55 with pre-existing medical conditions. We find best coverage and price for you.

Who can apply Seniors Insurance?

Anyone over the age of 55, even if you have pre-existing conditions.

Emergency Medical Travel Insurance Will Cover The Costs Of Emergency Medical Care!

Private medical insurance is designed to protect you from these unexpected medical costs. Most Canadian insurance companies provide coverage designed for Canadian Snowbirds and Senior Canadian Travelers.

Pre-Existing Condition Clauses

Once you have been given a health category your will know how the insurance company defines a pre-existing condition. Typically, your condition is deemed to be stable if you have not changed medications, dosages or treatments, for your medical condition for a set number of days.

For example, an applicant with only high blood pressure may be deemed stable if their condition is controlled and no change in treatment has occurred in the prior 180 days. If this condition is satisfied then any illness that results from the applicants high blood pressure condition would be covered under the Snowbird emergency medical travel insurance.

Wise Purchase Tip - Each travel insurance company has unique definitions of stability and pre-existing condition, we highly recommend that you apply for your coverage early (not more than 180 days prior to departing on your trip) and review the policy wording before you depart.




Emergency Medical For Seniors
Emergency medical travel insurance can provide coverage and assistance if you are injured or experience a medical emergency while travelling and require immediate medical attention or even evacuation.
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