Trip Cancellation

Trip Cancellation

You are planning your vacation of a lifetime. Excitedly, you research your destination, book time from work, read travel guides, update your vaccinations. You trip date approaches and suddenly the unexpected happens!

  • -You become to sick (or injured) to travel
  • -You travel companion becomes to sick, injured, or dies and cannot travel
  • -Your family member has a medical emergency or dies
  • -A weather system causes havoc and you flight is canceled
  • -You are called to jury duty
  • -The tour company or airline goes bankrupt
  • -A natural disaster strikes your home
  • -You employer requires you to attend an important business meeting
  • -Department of Foreign Affairs issues a travel advisory on your destination
  • etc.

Trip Cancellation Insurance Coverage Before You Depart

Should any of the covered conditions as defined in the policy cause you to cancel your trip prior to departure then you would be eligible to claim the non-refundable portion of your trip cost.

Purchase Limitations And Recommendations

  1. Typically Trip Cancellation Insurance must be purchased within 48 hours of booking your trip.
  • Most travel insurance companies impose a 48 hour limit in which you are eligible to purchase trip cancellation insurance. This is to avoid situations where travelers purchase trip cancellation insurance after learning of a situation which may lead to canceling the trip.
  • Some companies will allow you to purchase trip cancellation insurance after 48 hours if you make a statement that you, your traveling companion, family, etc. are in good health and you know no reason to cancel the planned trip at time of purchase. You can contact us to purchase coverage after 48 hours.
  1. Purchase Enough Trip Cancellation Insurance To Cover the Non-refundable Cost of Trip
    • Only the non-refundable, non-recoverable portion of you prepaid airfare and/or prepaid travel arrangements are eligible for reimbursement. To determine this amount you should contact the airline, travel agent, and/or tour company and ask them the what portion of the costs are non-refundable. Then add up all the cost to determine the total amount of coverage required (per person).
  2. Purchase Trip Cancellation Early to Maximize Coverage and Minimize Risk
    • Trip Cancellation Insurance become effective immediately once purchased. The cost for trip cancellation insurance is the same whether you purchase the coverage 3 months prior to departure or the day prior to departure. Logically, you have more risk the longer you need to wait for your trip to begin. Therefore, it makes prudent sense to purchase your trip cancellation insurance as early as possible to maximize your value and minimize your risk.
  3. Purchase Plans That Include Baggage and/or AD&D
    • Some plans like the TIC Select Trip Cancellation Plan includes baggage delay, baggage loss or damage, Accidental Death and Dismemberment, and Flight Accident coverage for little more then basic coverage.
  4. Pre-existing Medical Condition Exclusion
    • Claims will not be paid when a sickness arises from a pre-existing medical condition. Typically the pre-existing medical condition is one that any treatment, medication and/or hospitalization has been administered in the 60-90 days prior to the effective date of the coverage. This pre-existing condition exclusion extends to all covered people on the policy (companion, family member, etc.). Please read the policy carefully prior to purchasing the insurance as trip cancellation plans may not offer refunds.


Trip Interruption Insurance Coverage After You Depart

Trip interruption, typically, is packaged with trip cancellation and provides similar coverage once you have departed on your trip. Some companies allow you to purchase trip interruption insurance alone if you only require coverage after departure Purchasing trip interruption alone may make sense if paying for trip cost with loyalty points or if your trip cost is fully refundable prior to departure.