Outbound Student Insurance

Outbound Student

Finding medical insurance while a student outside Canada can be very difficult. You have many factors to consider when determining your most ideal medical insurance coverage.


Consideration #1 - Extend Your Provincial Medical Insurance While Studying Outside Canada

Your provincial medical insurance plan will only cover you for part of your time outside Canada. This coverage ranges from 182 days to 212 days depending which province you reside. Most provinces will allow you to extend your provincial health insurance for your extended stay outside Canada while attending a school.

If you have made the necessary arrangements with your provincial health insurance plan to extend the coverage then you can choose regular emergency medical travel insurance. Coverage can be purchase for as little as $1.15 per day if studying outside North America or $1,50 per day if studying in the USA.

Unfortunately our online quotation system for emergency medical travel insurance is limited to 180 days, so you will need to call us to purchase this coverage.

Consideration #2 - Your Provincial Health Insurance Has Expired While Studying Outside Canada

If you are already outside Canada and you have not extended you provincial health insurance plan then you need to find an International Medical Insurance plan. We have sourced several insurance policies which will cover you. We have developed a custom module in our Insurance Quotation System which will assist you in finding the best plan available to you if you are studying outside Canada without provincial health insurance coverage in force.

Consideration #3 - Your Provincial Medical Insurance Will Run Out In 180-212 Days

If you are planning to study outside Canada and you are unable to extend your provincial insurance then you can combined the two options described above.

In this situation it is best to purchase emergency medical travel insurance for the first 102-212 days (depending on your provincial health plan limits). Then effective the first day your provincial health plan expires you should purchase Outbound Student Medical Insurance for the remainder of your stay outside Canada.

Whichever strategy you determine to be best for you is available to assist you to find the best value plans available to Canadian outbound student. Our friendly staff is always available to answer any question you may have for your specific situation.