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Planning to set off on a trip? You must have a long wishlist to follow, taking a trip to the picturesque mountains, shopping for exquisite items and mementos, surfing on the beach and so forth. But wait a second. Aren't you missing something? Did you get a travel insurance cover? If not, you better should!

What is Travel Insurance?

Travel Insurance provides a financial coverage to domestic/international travelers against unfortunate events like trip cancellation, loss of baggage, medical conditions and so forth.

Why Buy Travel Insurance?

Unexpected events like accidents, theft and loss of belongings can stop us from making the most of our trip. It is better to be proactive and get yourself a financial shield against such mishaps. Travel insurance provides an extensive coverage against all such events, acting as a helping hand in the times of need.

Further, you should know that your health insurance does not cover you outside your country. If you fall sick, the whopping healthcare expenses might eat out all your shopping money. While travelling to such places, one must ensure to get a coverage in case he gets ill on his trip. A travel insurance policy provides a medical cover whilst abroad. 

Another reason why you should buy a travel insurance is that it is mandatory to have travel insurance while visiting some countries.


A travel insurance covers the insured against a wide gamut of eventualities such as personal accident, medical conditions, emergency medical evacuation, repatriation of remains, loss of passport, loss/theft of belongings and personal liability. Many plans also offer value added services such as 24 hrs emergency helpline and emergency cash. With such amazing benefits to offer, travel  insurance is truly a cushion against bad luck.



It is very important to go through the fine print while buying travel insurance. Here are its few common exclusions:

  • Pre-existing medical conditions
  • During acts of war and invasion
  • The insured commits/attemps suicide
  • The insured is under the influence of alcohol/drugs
  • The insured deliberately participtes in high-risk activities


Any Indian resident visiting abroad on a business or leisure trip is eligible for a travel insurance cover. The eligibility age can be anywhere between 6 months and 65 years and varies from plan to plan. The coverage given to you depends on other factors as well such as the place you are travelling, the length of your trip and your medical conditions.

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